Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sucktastical Blogger

That'd be me! I had every intention of posting more often...but obviously that has not happened. I'm going to work on it now though!

We're now in Texas. I'd like to say that the move went smoothly but that'd be an out and out lie. Many parts were a lot easier than our move to Georgia (helpful too that I wasn't 30 weeks pregnant) and thankfully my boys are champion travelers. Finding a house here was in the end, easier. The first day of looking was horrible. I spent a lot of the day in tears because I was convinced we would never find a decent house in a decent neighborhood. I'm not going to lie, Killeen is TERRIBLE. I'm sure there are decent streets but we didn't find any that's for sure. Eventually we did find a great house, it's older and has some issues but nothing terrible...mostly cosmetic. What really sold me was the yard - the backyard has the most fabulous trees! It's going to be so nice to have shade durning the summer. The neighborhood is fantastic too, it's older and established.  We haven't met many neighbors but that's ok, it'll happen or it won't but so far there haven't been any problems so that's a good thing.

The worst by far happened when our furniture was delivered. Nearly every piece of furniture we own has damage. Several things came out in PIECES. When you completely fill, front and back, the damage report sheet and you haven't opened a single box, you know there's a problem. Several things have gone our freaking box springs. We have a king size bed. It's not like a small box that got misplaced or could easily be concealed. I'm so freaking annoyed. We finally bought a "real" bedframe as in headboard and footboard, had it all set up and now we can't freaking use it. GRR. The claim rep has been trying to track it but, shockingly, the moving company is not being cooperative. Hopefully on Monday we'll get some answers. A few other things like this fantastic tea set went missing too. The guys unloading were so apologetic but I know it wasn't them, they just had the crap job of delivering a houseful of damaged good. About half our boxes were half crushed, many were ripped open or punctured. So far we haven't come across TOO much damaged but we've got a loooooong way to go. We're going through each box carefully so it's taking a while.

One shiny bit of happy is that we sold the hub's ugly green beast car before we left Georgia so we had been looking for a new one since we got here. Well we found one and it's a convertible. We got an amazing deal...and really you should see how happy the hubs is. It's quite adorable - I swear the man is glowing haha. He mentioned that now none of his soldiers can make fun of him for driving a total POS anymore. Silly man. The boys love it too - biggish is already begging for it when he grows up so that's something.