Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Moving is never fun and as a career Army family, I knew that moves would be plentiful and regular. Being forearmed with that knowledge does not, in fact, make it easier. This move in particular I have really been struggling with finding my niche. I have yet to make a single friend and not from lack of trying. Some days I even find myself wishing we'd decided to live on post because then, at least, it'd be slightly easier to meet people. While I am very happy with the neighborhood we're in, there are very few, if any, kids around. We've found a church and have been trying to get involved there but even that hasn't really panned out to making any acquaintances let alone friendships. 

I've gone to an FRG meeting (which I usually avoid like the plague haha), have biggish in gymnastics, joined a local homeschool group and have gone to events yet, nothing. It's amazing to me that in an Army town of this size how incredibly unfriendly people are. It really blows my mind. While I can be a tad outspoken, I am fairly adept at social situations nor am I shy. One of my strengths has always been my ability to talk to people and make them feel comfortable. Heck I'm going to be a counselor someday in the not too distant future, I *have* to be able to talk to people. Yet here it seems like an impossible task. 

Maybe it's because this area has such a high turnover, maybe people are jaded. Who really knows. All I know is that, frankly, this sucks. Each day I'm finding myself homesick for California and even for Georgia. Biggish asks almost everyday if we can go back to either Georgia or California because he misses his friends (especially the ones in Georgia). It breaks my heart that I don't have a good answer for him. 

I love the adventure of a new place but I do NOT love this, this lost feeling I have. I hate feeling lost. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #40

Which was the best day of your life- Wedding day or Homecoming day? submitted by Pink Champagne, Gatorade & MREs

Not to downplay the amazingness of homecomings, which are indeed awesome, I'm going with our wedding. I absolutely loved our wedding. People *still* tell us that ours was one of them most enjoyable weddings they've been to. Which is exactly what we wanted, a day that people other than ourselves would remember. Homecomings are special but they are far more numerous than our wedding which was unique.
Were you a part of the joining the military question or did you sign up for the relationship when your man was already in the military? submitted by Cammo Style Love

No I was not. He'd been in for around 6 years when we met and was upfront that he was a lifer. So yes, I'm one of those "knew what I was getting when I married him" gals. I'd swore I'd never date anyone in the  military...obviously that worked out well for me haha. 

What is your favorite Disney movie and why? submitted by Raising Roscoe

Sleeping Beauty. One because I absolutely LOVE Maleficent - she's pretty much my favorite Disney character ever but two the style of animation is just breathtakingly beautiful. The style of animation just entrances my artist eye. 

What is your favorite family activity to do on the weekends? submitted by Destination: RN!

Just being together. Corny, yes, but true none the less. Our time is precious and just being together as a family is enough. One of our favorite activities other than just hanging out is Geocaching. If you don't know what it is go check out but in a nutshell it's kind of like a treasure hunt of sorts using GPS coordinates. Also it's a great way to explore a new area! 

Where do you secretly wish you could be stationed with you/your SO’s line of work (realistically speaking, not everyone can be stationed on NAS Fiji)? submitted by Wookie & Co. 

Anywhere in Europe. It's not a secret - I'm a travel bug with a serious love of Europe. Honestly though, there are very few places in the world that I DON'T want to visit - every move, every trip is just a new adventure. Both the hubs and I have been lucky enough to have traveled quite a bit and we've even talked about retiring somewhere not the USA someday. Not that we don't love our country, we do but we also have a love of an adventure. We'll see!!