Monday, February 7, 2011

Once upon a time there was this lamp....

It was an ugly lamp. Functional, yes, but ugly. Undeniably so. But it was my lamp. It was a faithful lamp, it lit many a dark corner, it had uncomplainingly moved with me countless times from dumpy college apartments to young single working gal (not *that* kind of work) pad to blissful nuptial nest and beyond. It weathered several PCS moves as well as two not-exactly-gentle little boys.

And then we moved to Texas.

Some how the mover who packed my faithful but ugly lamp decided that it should go in a box with none other than a metal baseball bat. Yes. Really.

Guess who won?

Not the lamp.

So dear lamp, it is off to the dump you go. I hate to do it but this time you are irreparably broken. You've been a good lamp. I'm sorry our movers were obviously stupid. You should see some of your fellow furnishings. Really, it's not a pretty sight.


  1. Alas, poor lamp. I knew him, Horatio. Er... maybe not. But it definitely leads me to draw certain conclusions about the IQ (and I mean added all together; individually it sounds like they're on par with eggplants) of your packers and movers.

  2. Unfortunately that is probably far too close to the truth. Also insulting to eggplants but I digress. It truly is amazing just how badly our move has been handled. Broken furniture, trashed boxes, lost box springs, it's quite unreal. That's not even getting into the joke of how boxes were labeled. That is a whole other level of special.

    I'm not even mad about the lamp...honestly I've been trying to find a reason to get rid of it for years. I bought it at Ikea a million years ago for my first apartment in college - I furnished my entire apartment for about $450 so it was definitely not a high dollar item lol.

    But still. A lamp and a baseball bat? REALLY?!

  3. Kristen,
    If you have a pick of the ole' boy, post it to Captiol Lighting and's facebook wall -you can win $100 Gift certificate towards a new, more "pretty" one!