Sunday, October 10, 2010


You know the obligatory first post, the who, what, whys.

Who? Well I'm not totally sure...I mean I should be sure as I'm considered by most of society to be a functioning adult. But I have a introspective bent...and I'm blond so yeah there you go. If you want the general, less esoteric answer it's this: 

I'm Kirstin a thirty something mom to two marvelous little boys, wife to an amazing man who happens to be in the Army. Due to said Army we are currently living in southern Georgia. I am NOT a southerner. Not even a little. In fact my maturity shines through as I usually call Georgia "stupidgeorgia" (yes it has to be all one word) and regularly tell people that I'm being held hostage in Georgia by the Army. But I digress...I digress a lot so get used to it. Hey don't say I didn't warn you! The husband is currently deployed to Iraq but he'll be home very very soon and I cannot wait! Its been a very long year. See! Another digression! Right now I'm a stay at home mom prior to spawning I was an artist (even went to school for it...not that I'm great but there you go) and in order to not, you know, starve, I worked in insurance. I always thought I'd go back to insurance but have started the journey of going back to school to be a licensed counselor focusing on military families as well as the service members themselves. Being in the community has made me realize how much help is needed and I know that there will be help needed for a very long time to come. 

What? Well I'm not sure yet. Perhaps some random blabbering, perhaps some deep thoughts. Probably a combination of the two. 

The why is probably the easiest. I like to write. I am an opinionated woman and sometimes those opinions get me into trouble but meh, I have a very hard time keeping the proverbial trap shut. 


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