Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Go Find Your Soldier"

Those are my favorite four words ever. At least they are right now. That may change but when I heard those words spoken on early Sunday morning, all the stresses, all the fears, everything evaporated because in that moment it was finally over. Not that they went away entirely, not that they ever totally will but in that moment the relief, the awe that we'd made it was there. Less than a minute later we had our soldier in our arms.

For any of you fellow MilSpouses out there, having a pre-arranged meeting spot is the best ever especially when it's dark and there are several hundred other soldiers there.  We'd talked about it weeks in advance and stuck to it - we were reunited less than a minute from when they said "Go find your soldier!"

This year has been long, nothing like stating the obvious right? Overall though, it hasn't been a bad year. Not having the hubs home was definitely hard but I'm an independent soul and we definitely made the best of it. Our boys definitely helped make the time easier...nothing like two little monkeys to make the time go quickly.

Right now we're still adjusting to having him home but overall everything is going amazingly well. Helps that the hubs is an old fart and this was far from his first rodeo but it never gets easier. Right now I just catch myself just gazing at him with a huge smile on my face still in disbelief that he's actually home. I know it'll last a few more weeks and then it'll be back to business as usual. But for now I'm going to enjoy this "honeymoon" period and thank my lucky stars that I was blessed with such an amazing husband and little boys.

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