Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Off to the Beach We Go!

Today is the husband's last day of reintegration training which is basically 10 days of decompression. They have a lot of classes saying a lot of "don't drink too much, don't beat your wife, don't beat your kids, don't drive drunk, it's normal to ____, don't be afraid to ask for help, etc." They're done most days within an hour or two of going in. A lot of it is geared towards the younger soldiers who are perhaps less equipped to handle the changes and stress of coming home. Even old farts like my hubs take a few days to stop feeling, to put it as many do "weird." Its a way of giving them time before jumping into leave and 30 days of togetherness and no Army, time to adjust and just get used to you know, not being in a war zone.

In two days we're leaving for a much needed vacation. We're going on a FREE!!! yay!! vacation to Amelia  Island FL. We were going to go home to California but decided since we're going in a few months and my parents are coming out for Thanksgiving that we were going to just stay around here. There are several amazing organizations that provide free vacations (well hotel stays anyways) in our area. We got approved for a week stay at a super swank resort in Florida. I'm so so so excited! We so need this, it'll be so nice to be away from home and just enjoy being together as a family. 

Plus it's a week at the beach! The ocean is my may not be my beloved Pacific but it'll do. And yes it's November and won't be that warm but I guarantee that as cold as it may be, it'll be warmer than the beach at home haha! At least we won't need full body wetsuits here. 

I think I may take advantage of the spa there. After a year of no-me time, I think a little me time is in order. 

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