Monday, December 6, 2010

Nothing says holiday like wanting to maim your nearest and dearest...

I love Thanksgiving. This year in particular I have a lot to be thankful for- my darling husband is home safe  from Iraq, my boys are healthy and happy, amazing family (even those who I briefly wanted to maim), and friends that have literally kept me sane over the last year.

Plus Thanksgiving involves lots of food...and I like food. Really, who doesn't?

So this year a big chunk of family decided to come to our house for Thanksgiving. For some reason they like the hubs. Heh. Oh, did I mention that this was my family that came? Bless their little hearts. My parents flew out from California which was awesome - they love the hubs and have really made him feel so welcome in our family from jump (at this point he's old news haha but they still like him) and my brother and his family came down from DC. In all there were 12 of us and for the most part it was awesome...for the most part. Other than the wanting to gag and tie my mother up in some dark closet somewhere. See it was the first time in 25 or so years that she hasn't hosted Thanksgiving dinner. Getting her to let go just a little was.......not successful.

Not even a little.

But it's over now and overall it was wonderful, the company was fun, the food delicious and lots of wine was drunk. Plus while they were here, the hubs and I actually got to go on a few dates (and saw Harry Potter woot!) sans kids so that's a huge win.

But I have to say the chaos makes me glad that it'll just be us four for Christmas. That's bad isn't it?

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