Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Adventures

As seems to be typical of my husband's career, we were just informed that we will be roughly 6 weeks. We're not particularly pleased with where. In fact he turned down orders several times to this base in the last few months but apparently the powers that be have a sick sense of humor so off to Fort Hood we go. The whole situation is so idiotic that it's funny. He first got orders to Fort Hood in May - hubs promptly told the powers that be "Thanks but no thanks" so the rescinded those orders and issued new ones...for a different unit at, you guessed it, Fort Hood. To which we're like "Really?!" So phone calls were made, asses were reamed (in a really nice way of course) and those were rescinded. Cue deja vu orders. Same result, same annoyance by us. I just wanted to call and yell at them "MORONS! The point is we do NOT want to go to Fort Hood! Different units at the same place do not change the result!" But alas they do not fancy speaking to angry spouses. During all that, the hubs was deployed so that was fun to add onto that existing stress. But we dealt and he's home now. Sure was a nice welcome home/Christmas present to be issued orders to freaking Fort Hood yet again.

So we capitulate to the powers that be. You win.

Obviously there is a reason that we're going to Fort Hood. I may be going not exactly willingly but I'm going. I'm wee bit miffed BUT at this point I'm resolved and will make the best of it. It will be nice to be so close to Austin and the frequent (and not too pricey) flights to the California bay area aka home.

I'm also realizing that professionally for both the hubs and myself, Fort Hood won't be that bad. For him he's really just happy to be getting away from his current unit which is known as the scourge of Fort Stewart. For myself, Fort Hood has the largest mental heath treatment unit and considering that I'm going to need to start interning shortly, that will be ideal. Considering that I'm going back to school to be a licensed counselor specializing in PTSD and mental health issues specific as they effect soldiers and their families, being in a place with such a large concentration of people needing help isn't exactly a bad thing for me professionally. Hopefully by the time we leave Texas, I'll be fully licensed and on the short road to getting my PhD.

Two other very large pluses - the hub's gaining unit will be deploying as we arrive and since he just got home, he will not be. He's not really big on being on Rear-D but frankly we both know it's better than deploying. With that deployment and dwell time cycle, it looks like the entire time we're in Texas, he won't deploy which makes me do very enthusiastic happy dances. The other biggie is that we will only be there for two years. Its double edged because I know that by the time we really feel settled, we'll be leaving BUT hopefully then we'll be able to maybe, hopefully get orders somewhere we actually want to go.

And at this point I should stop rambling as typing while being climbed on by a certain smallish who is insisting that he's Buzz Lightyear is becoming challenging to say the least :)

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