Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moving Sucks

There are no two ways around it, moving sucks. Even though the military kindly pays to pack my crap up (even if they don't always do a good job of it) and unpack it if I so desire, moving sucks. There are unexpected expenses, unpleasant surprises, innumerable stressors...I could go on.

Originally the plan was for one of us to fly out to Texas to find a house before we actually move but since the whole move basically got moved up a month and with the holidays added in, that wasn't going to happen as there simply isn't enough time. So now we're debating the wisdom of renting something sight unseen or just waiting till we get there. Right now I'm leaning towards waiting as there's a lot of inventory so we shouldn't have a problem finding something when we get there. Then I think I find something great and want to jump on it but then I'm back to being indecisive. We'll figure it out...probably about the time that we get there.

The hardest part right now is of course saying good-bye to friends that have become a surrogate family, that have been there during the dark days of deployment when you think you can't make it just one more day. Trying to explain to my 5 year old that while several of his friends are moving around the same time that we are, they're not moving to Texas too, quite frankly sucks. He remembers when we moved here from California but it wasn't the same, he was not-quite three, not really old enough to have best friends and be involved in sports and the like. This time he is and it's a lot harder for him at least, to say good-bye.  He's an adaptable, easy going little dude who makes friends easily so I'm sure he'll be alright but still. Smallish probably won't remember Georgia much, he's 2 1/2 and shy BUT he does NOT do well with change so, yeah, this will be interesting.

Never did I imagine that I'd be a little bit sad to leave Georgia (less the state and more the friends but still). It's happening so quickly it's a bit breathtaking. Our house will be packed up 10 days from now. We'll be in Texas in less than 3 weeks. I feel ready yet desperately not.

One thing that is easier about this move is that I'm not hugely pregnant, on bed-rest with all kinds of fun complications so there is that. It'll be nice to not have to stop like every thirty minutes to pee haha...yes that made the drive from California to Georgia tons of fun.

And now I really should go sort through some more endless stuff....

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