Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This is where I will dazzle you with the stupidity of the Army.

Today the hubs called from work...but first you have to understand a little about his work, the unit he's attached to is akin to the asshole of a pig. Except pigs are cute. And smart. Neither are qualities that anyone at his job seems to posses. When he tells people here (or even other Army folk not here) the standard and expected response is  a sympathetic sigh and a "I'm so sorry!" Yes it's *that* fabulous. So anyways, that is the number one reason that we've stopped fighting the orders to Fort Hood...it's an escape.

So anyways he calls with really awesome news. That is if you define awesome as "someone giving you 10,000 paper cuts all over your body then dunking you in lemon juice." Someone, no one is exactly sure who has decided that the hubs is going TDY (temporary duty somewhere that is not here) on January 12th. Ok, fine I say. Until he says "for three weeks." To which I promptly started yelling and eventually crying. Which makes exactly nothing better but still. Why is this so massively stupid? Oh where do I start?

For one the dates that he was given means that he will have exactly THREE DAYS to completely clear the base here AND get his ass to Texas. To put it mildly, it ain't gonna happen. There is no way in this reality or any other that he can clear the base in less than 3 days let alone drive 1500 miles in those same three days. The Army standard is 10 working days to clear a base!

Ok says the husband, I'll just change my date to check in to Fort Hood.


Not happening. To add to the fun, if he does NOT check in to Fort Hood on time even if he still hasn't checked OUT of Ft. Stewart, he was be regarded as AWOL. Seriously.

I'm not even putting the boys and I into the equation. I've moved alone before, while it's a huge pain in the ass, I can do it. I haven't done it alone with two kids but I have some awesome friends here so I know that I can get some help at least with someone keeping the midgets while I supervise packing etc. The drive doesn't bother me either. The boys and I drove more than 6,000 miles alone this summer so another 1,500 is nothing.

Right now I'm more pissed off than anything else. I mean, seriously? Are they stupid or are they dumb as a damn rock? Who makes decisions like this? Right now I want to walk in there and yell at someone. Which would not help anything but holy crap would it make me feel better.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. Are they out of their collective minds? That is just insane. Are you going to keep battering at the thick-skulled bureaucracy that came up with this decision? I would not be above mentioning that expecting someone to check out and then travel that far in such a short time period is a serious safety issue. In aviation, we call that perceived time crunch "get-there-itis," and it contributes to mishaps, no question.

    I'm so sorry this kind of mess has been dumped in your lap. Here's hoping that someone comes to his senses and changes the dates.

  2. I am pretty sure that they are out of their mind. He finally talked to someone that seemed to have half a brain and made them realize that someone *has* to either extend him at Stewart or send someone else TDY. Army has the "get-there-itis" too and that's what actually got through to someone. No matter who you are, when you are doing an Army PCS you are made to sign paperwork saying that you won't drive over so many hours a day so that, crazy thought here, actually get to your next post alive.

    Right now I'm hoping that they just cancel the TDY but whatever. I'm just so frustrated with this unit right now...they cannot seem to EVER get their crap together. When they were coming home, they * guaranteed* that families would get a call when they went wheels up. Even though they had all my contact information, guess who never got a call. No one on his flight got calls. It's mind blowing ineptitude.

  3. And I need more coffee this morning...sorry for the typos lol.